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24th September 2018




FQC-Leadership by Azizur Rahman, a political colleague of Mr. Chowdhury wrote this tribute.
Mr. Nurul Anwar Chowdhury, a close associate of Mr. Chowdhury, gave an account of political career of his leader.
Veteran Communist leader comrade TOHA in his memoirs recollected the untold game of tussle of leadership of ADAMJEE TRADE UNION .
A retrospect : Former Minister Hashimuddin in his retrospect commemorated Mr. Chowdhury's evetful political life as he witnessed during decades of thirties, forties of last century .
This is the Bengali Version of inaugural speech of Mr. Chowdhury on assuming office of the speaker of National Assembly .
Former Muslim league leader Kazi Mohammed Yusuf reminisces the last days of this undaunted leader .
Mr. Saifuddin Quader Chowdhury, through recollection, tried to illustrate a portrait of his beloved father .
Bengali version of Mr. Chowdhury's speech in National Assembly as the outgoing sepaker.
FQC - Honest Leader - Emminent Educator Principal Rezaul Karim Chowdhury wrote this tribute commemorating Mr. Fazlul Quader Chowdhury.
Copy of the Diplomtic report of the then US Ambassador of Pakistan Mr. Farland which gives an estimation of Mr. Chowdhury.
FQC in letters - In this write-up the writer cited from some important letters sent to Mr. Chowdhury and sent by him.
The writer tried to focus Mr. Chowdhury in perspective of diplomatic evaluation by US Embassy in Rawalpindi.
On disparity in National Assembly - Here the speech of Mr. Chowdhury has been quoted that was delivered in National Assembly of Pakistan on the question of regional disparity.
Reminiscence by Quddus - A former bureaucrat (demised) Mr. Mazharul Quddus, classmate of Bangabondhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman and former Chairman of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation observed Mr. Chowdhury in his high time.
This essay is an evaluation of Mr. Chowdhury as the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan..
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